Hempx® is an independent cannabis lifestyle brand. Rolling out of the clouds of smoke and visual subcultures that fuel the past and future creatives of our generation. Hempx® saturates in the sticky essence of originality that has driven streetwear culture for decades. Hemp is the plant of the future. Healing our bodies and our planet. My family has been directly impacted by the benefits of this plant. While my wife was pregnant with our second child, she developed a nerve disorder nicknamed the "suicide disease" that attacked her trigeminal nerve every five minutes at its worst. We worked with a local clinic to find a specific strain that stopped the attacks dead in their tracks. We believe that if it wasn't for this plant, we would have lost our child. Since then, I have made it my mission to spread the good word about cannabis. This brand is one of those platforms. I also strive to keep clothing out of landfills by making great, quality designs that people will want to wear for years to come.

- Pete B, Hempx® Creative Director, Designer, Co-Founder